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Judas Mouchard|LWS APPLICATION SHEET| by InkSick Judas Mouchard|LWS APPLICATION SHEET| by InkSick
(Relationship info to be added when roleplaying starts.)

Full name: Judas Mouchard

Nicknames (optional): June, "The Hanged Man", Snitch

Height and weight: 9 ft 10 in -- 315 lbs

Species: "Uncanny" Hybrid of sorts. Info below.

Planet of origin (if any): The Urban Planet of Cibayuo

The planet of Cibayuo is one that one would not dwell on willingly. The planet was initially colonized by a (currently unknown) galactic presence with the intention of creating a luxurious living space for the empire's "overflow" -- residents they could not keep on their home planet for various reasons. The once dominant species of Cibayuo now occupies the lower class.
While life isn't necessarily miserable on Cibayuo (and the skyscrapers in certain regions are quite marvelous to behold.), the planet is very polluted in some regions and the lower class outnumber (by the hundreds of thousands) the middle and upper class combined. As such, crime runs rampant throughout the streets of the planet-wide metropolis. This, in turn, has turned a planet intended for luxury into a place where it was a confirmed death sentence to go out past midnight -- the time when criminals were most active.

History (include how your character “died”):

The circumstances of Judas' birth are certainly odd when his species (common referred to as; "The Uncanny) is concerned. The Uncanny, whom are foreign creatures of pure mental energy, usually enter the world through possession and permanent transformation of an existing (and living) body. In the case of speciments who are spiritually weaker, this process is exceedingly difficult as their options concerning vessels is extremely limited. Judas falls into this category of Uncanny.

Judas is exceedingly weak among his kind and only had the spirtual capability to possess a newborn and, even then, it didn't go quite as planned. Upon entering this dimension, Judas' memories of his "life" in the void were entirely wiped. This state of utter confusion fused the minds of Judas and the unnamed soul residing within the infant body, limiting Judas even further. This would result in stunted growth and mental illness. (which aren't necessarily uncommon or extreme to our understanding -- but are extremely alien and humbling to the Uncanny race.) The biological parents were completely suprised that their child bared no physical resemblence to either of them. They swiftly accused the hospital of a mix-up and that their real child must have gotten in the hands of someone else. With no replacement child to be had -- they were left with Judas.

This isn't to say that they grew to hate, what they saw as, their adopted child. In fact, they raised him to the best of their ability. The only problem stemmed from Judas' own behavior. His behavior was (understandably) odd when compared to other children the same age. His behavior seemed years ahead of the other children and he utilised his early intelligence to trick other children out of their prizes. He hoarded goods (such as candy and small toys) and sold them back to the confused children for prices way beyond their worth. (Such as selling a pack of gum for the equilivent of $15 USD). These qualities would continue until the present day.
In his early teen years, Judas found himself running away from his home. He was always distant towards his parents and he eventually grew to dread them entirely. His own prideful attitude drove him to abandon his surrogate familiy entirely in search for something more akin to his talents. He would find this in a life of theivery and gang-related crime.

While Judas never actually joined a gang (personal relationships were, and still are, extremely difficult for him to form and manage.), he did do a lot of dealings with them. He would be the one risking his neck to sell their product on the streets or take the lives of those that opposed them. All for the sake of a thrill and the pursuit of "easy money." (As he would put it.) His talents in stealth didn't reveal his identity for a very long time. He often utilised the name; "The Hanged Man" when dealing with criminals. Judas may be a lot of things -- but suicidal was not one of them.

There was one problem though.

Judas wasn't as stealthy as he liked to believe. His swindling behavior was not exclusive to unaware citizens. He would, very often, con the gangs he worked with without their knowing. That was ON TOP of the fact that he allowed himself to be employed by rival gangs at the same time. Another unaffliated criminal was the one to notice this and, with the promise of money from the police, revealed his identity through word of mouth. Needless to say, this didn't end well for Judas.

It was midnight when he died.

He was entering his apartment as he usually did around that time when, from the corner of his eye, there was bright light. It charged at him, bright and fast -- accompanied by screams of rage. It was one of the gangs he had conned and they had come with weapons. Their car didn't even slow as they filled Judas with bullets.

By all accounts, he should've died. Judas should've closed his eyes then and there and they should have never opened again. To this day, Judas damns the hardiness of his body. He damns his luck because seconds before his would-be death, he met a stranger. Judas met that stranger and agreed to a contract that he would soon regret.

Strengths: Strong will, very persistent, stealthy, very good at tricking people, makes for an exellent salesman

Weaknesses and faults (try to keep these two balance ^): Hard to control, selfish tendencies, short temper, foul mouth, cowardly

Personality: At first glance, Judas is certainly not the friendliest person to be around and that is not exactly an incorrect assumption. He can be very concieted and often overstates or expects more of himself than what he can actually do. He has problems forming and maintaining positive bonds. This isn't to say it is impossible to befriend Judas -- it would just take those of a like mind or extreme exceptions to do so. His disdain of his obligations to the Shepards hurt his ability to form a sense of comradery with his crewmates -- although this could be changed through future experiences. When you do befriend him, he opens up another side of his personality that would otherwise be hidden. If you find yourself in the position of his friend, you can expect him to fight with tooth and claw for your sake. (Although he must like you A LOT to do so. Otherwise, he is extremely cowardly.) He is extrememly loyal to those he deems worthy of that part of him. Aside from personal relationships, you can expect him to jump from topic to topic very quickly and with little consideration for other's contributions. He is one that takes a lot of convincing to get him to do favors for you.

Rank/job: Merchant

Extra info (if any):
- He really likes his hair and always has a comb with him.
- Loves rock and roll
- Really bad handwriting
- Loves candy
- There's something changing in his body

RP sample (at least five sentences, can be anything but must have to do with your character):

Now where in the ever-living fuck was the guy?

Judas shifted his weight, an annoyed grimace forming on his freckled face. The urban planet's moon hung high in the sky that night, it's yellow light falling upon the bustling world like a blanket. A blanket that provided minimal comfort to the now dangerous streets. The Uncanny inwardly remarked that the moonlight reminded him of molasses. Yes, if the light were solid, that is the consistency he imagined it being. The streets were a dangerous place at this time, yet it was exactly this type of thinking that distracted him from that very danger.

Over the last three years, Judas came to admire the city at night or, rather, what it could be. It could be a time where people could celebrate their lives. They could drink, visit shows and stores, and be merry. At times, Judas liked to pretend that the zooming lights of the passing cars belonged to innocent civilians -- out for latenight clubbing. That they belonged to the daylight passerby who is just coming home from the best show of his life. That they didn't belong to hitmen, drug dealers, and their victims.

But alas, money was money and this is what paid. Not to forget, he was very good at it.

Judas had been standing on that rain-soaked sidewalk for around 45 earth-minutes at that time. He was growing impatient. The Uncanny had been sent there to retrieve a package. That was it. A pretty simple job that was taking way too long. He didn't even know what the package contained -- not that it really mattered for what Judas was being paid for. All he had to do was get that shit and bring it back to the Hornet's Den as fast as he could and this jackass was keeping him way past his agreed time.

It was then, after he had gotten bored of counting distant gunshots, that he noticed the stranger pulling up in a shabby, old motorbike. The man was a creature, reptillian in sillohette but with distinct patches of fur. He looked nervous -- as he should be at this hour -- and had the parcel slung of his shoulder. Judas fought the urge to remark on his weasly appearance but thought better of it -- keeping it to himself. The stranger approached him, trembling all the while.

"You're a tad late here, pal."

Judas commented on the stranger's tardiness. The stranger gave a nervous laugh in response as he handed Judas the parcel. It was in his hands, now.

"A-ah! Sorry, man... Got a little stuck-"

He didn't have time to finish. There was a click. A shine of metal, and a muffled noise.

Judas had brought a silenced pistol to the exchange and had made full use of it. The stranger had a new hole in his head and Judas would be 6000 units richer in a half hour. Judas turned away, parcel over his back. He stashed the pistol. The creature was no friend to murder;

But alas, money was money and this is what paid. Not to forget, he was very good at it.

(Note; This more of a writing featuring the character than what an RP post would look like. Not necessarily length wise -- as I can write pretty long posts if given the material to work with -- but rather action wise. Judas won't just shoot your oc that's not how I roll.)

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